Requirements Gathering

o   This function requires the Senior Developer to undertake an in-depth study of various cloud-based solutions to evaluate their strengths and weaknesses for hosting the analytical tools with capability of deploying in real-time. Based on the study, making a choice between the various cloud solutions — AWS, Microsoft Azure, Oracle cloud, etc. This also involves plans for optimizing the financial models based on historical data.

         Requirement Analysis

o   Beneficiary role is to provide necessary Technical and Functional Documentation for IT to review and assess scope of the project and then provide final approval from the Operations perspective along with gathering proper approvals.

         Design and Develop Application.

o   Assist to conceptualize business needs and translating them into viable technical solutions for the implementation of analytical and quantitative tools to be applied for blockchain and cryptocurrencies.  


         Application Implementation


o   This duty entails the scheduling of review sessions with the business and DEV teams to demo the applications and reports that were developed and   implemented (end to end flow).

o   Create migration processes where developed application changes and Data are migrated from Dev to System Integration Test (SIT), User Acceptance Test (UAT), Production environments seamlessly


         Test Documentation

This function flows from the knowledge learned during design and development. Creating testing documentation entails:

o   Coordination with the QA team and writing test queries for data validation.

o   Creating test scenarios.

o   Reviewing test results and providing expertise, feedback and suggestions on data related issues

o   Creating reports and communicating to management.


         Data Management and Governance


o    This phase of the function requires a review of the data flow from source systems to the destination. It also requires understanding of the Third-party Administrative Systems and Policy Administration. The Senior Developer will coordinate with the TPA resources for data quality and with internal IT for the Ingestion of data to the internal warehouse effectively.


         Create post- production documentation

This is most critical task in post-product development. Post-production support includes:

o   Creating the post production monitoring plan to assure the program works as planned and as tested.

o   Identifying and fixing post-production issues



         High Priority Production Reporting

o   This duty entails testing the end to end functionality of Data flows and environment and making sure the deployed code is defect free. Errors in a workflow session or mapping should be reported and fixed.

         Project tracking


The task includes facilitating meetings with high level stakeholders to discuss the scope of the project and high-level estimates. It also entails:

o   Creating tickets to initiate the project,

o   Tracking important project milestones.

o   Working with the project manager to create the project tracker document.

o   This includes defining the scope of the project and developing a vision plan that will define the primary goals and objectives of the project.

o   Mandatory Training

o   Release Support

Time Management  


Bachelor Degree is required in Computer Science or Computer Engineering or Computer Information Systems.